Colsen's OBPI

     An OBPI is an Obstetric Brachial Plexus Injury - Click here for more information.

     Colsen was born with an OBPI in February 2015. Read the happy/short version of the birth story here. I haven't been able to bring myself to write a more detailed birth story.
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2/22/2015 written 9/12/2015
I was finally able to write the FULL version of Colsen's birth story.
Birth of Colsen - RAW
     In order for Colsen to regain movement of his arm, we do physical therapy at home daily. And because the nerves come from the spine, we have seen a chiropractor for adjustments. Colsen is 5 months old and has regained movement in all areas except from his bicep and deltoid. He cannot bend his elbow. Because he does not yet have the ability to bend his elbow (especially against gravity), we think a couple of his nerves may have been ruptured (or torn). He needs surgery to fix this. The surgery has a 75% chance of working and will not work at all if the nerves have been avulsed. This surgery will take place in St. Louis at the Children's Hospital in the beginning of September 2015.
     Today we prepared for a big bake sale to raise money for medical and travel expenses.
Colsen's Bake Sale Prep
Tomorrow morning we will be heading back to St. Louis to see Dr. Park for our 3 month post-op evaluation. It's scary. Dear Diary: I'm Done
Our little man is a baby no more! Colsen's ONE!
Read about what fun we had for his birthday, more on his progress, and see what things we need from you. Colsen's One Year Old
Quit hoping for a miracle. Accept him for who he is. We are.

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