Thursday, May 5, 2016

Make Some Memories: Lunch at School

     One of the best things about Head Start is that they love having parent involvement in the classroom. Parents are encouraged to volunteer, read books, have lunch, build crafts and more to participate in the classroom.
     I usually have lunch with my mom on Thursdays, but I skipped out on her this Thursday and spent the hour with MY baby. He was thrilled to see me in his classroom. It was just me and him and his peers and teachers. No brother. It was a special time for me to focus on him.
     After we all washed our hands and sat down at our tables, we had some unusual chicken, mustard tacos with a side of grapes. Most of the kids gobbled up the sliced grapes. No one seemed to favor the unique tacos. They were a little spicy to be honest.
     After we all ate and cleaned up our plates and tables, we had carpet time. I participated in this before going back to work. I sat in T's spot and let him sit in my lap. We read a book about different balls and sports. The teacher was inquisitive with the children. She allowed them to share what they knew about the sports that were mentioned in the book.
     After we read our story, it was nap time. I had to go back to work, but I got a nice little cuddle from my special, little-big man. It is a memory I will hold and I hope he will remember this special time too.