Sunday, March 20, 2016

One Year Old!

Our baby is a baby no more! 
Colsen's ONE!

     Naturally, Justin and I thought Nemo was too perfect for a theme seeing as he has a "lucky fin."
    His adorable little ensemble was hand-made by a fellow local mama, owner of Princess Amelia's Boutique, Courtney Romanello.
    We love Brandy McPherson's Photography and she's photographed him every three months since he was a newborn. We adore this relationship and we are so thankful for all the priceless moments she captures for us.

     We chose not to have a birthday party because they are simply over-rated, but we did do the birthday pictures and we took he and his brother to Jump Zone with Grandma and Papa for a fun-filled day. We ate Taco Bell and went to Wal-mart to get Colsen a gift from the grandparents. They wanted to get him something he needed, so they got him some yogurt melts and a Nuby cup. < Hopefully we'll get a review up on that soon. ;)

     NOW, the question you're all waiting to be answered:
     How's his arm?
     As you can see in the pictures, he doesn't use his left arm as much as he uses his right arm. He does not have full range of motion back in his left arm and we don't suspect he ever will... Not now that he is a year old and he doesn't already have it. This is a threshold. We do suspect that what range of motion he DOES have will continue to improve until he is about 5 years old. Of course he will always be learning new ways to adapt. Check out his left foot getting into the cake in the bottom picture. He is already putting shoes on his left foot. He uses his left foot a lot and I think he will probably implement his left foot to help him adapt where his arm falls short, HOWEVER, he really is doing well with his left arm. He has a nice grasp. He is able to move his wrist well. He reaches forward a lot by raising his arm straight upward almost 90 degrees (almost parallel to the floor with a shrugged shoulder). He also has really nice elbow extension. He just, unfortunately, cannot flex (or bend) his elbow against gravity or lift his arm away from his body to the side (as if to do a jumping jack).

      To be honest, this mommy is excited to move forward. I'm relieved to stop hoping for something that may or may not happen. I'm happy to know where are journey is heading. I now know that my job is to help my baby adapt.

This is what I need from you:
  • Please accept him for who he is. I have been hearing, "Miracles happen." To me, it means, you aren't accepting him as he is and that I shouldn't either. It hurts. Please stop saying this. I know it's well-meaning, but it doesn't help. 
  • Follow us! Here and through our Facebook group by clicking here. This way you can stay informed and ask us about his well-being instead of about his arm when you see us in public. ;)