Saturday, August 15, 2015

Colsen's Bake Sale Prep

     My husband and I have been struggling financially. As much as I hated to, I finally caved and decided to ask for help. I opened up our GoFundMe Page and my best friend has decided to prepare a bake sale for Colsen. She has gone so far above and beyond for me. There is no way

     I'll never be able to express my appreciation to her and to everyone involved with this event. 

        My Nanny is making no-bake cookies. My best friend and her family are cooking and providing, hot dogs, fried apple pies, chili, soda, slaw, bbq sandwiches, and nachos & cheese (and I'm probably forgetting some). My mom has supplied us with brownies and pepperoni rolls. My four year old, Trace, calls them "Mickeroni rolls." Gotta have a little Mickey Mouse branding in there, right? ;)

     Tonight is the last night before the bake sale and we've all been working our @sses off. I hope to goodness that we'll be able to make at least a little profit between tomorrow and Saturday. Wish us luck!