Sunday, May 10, 2015

What I'll Spend More Money On This Time

     Pictures are priceless to me. I am trying to learn and improve my photography, but I will definitely spend more money on professional photos from now on.
     I cannot express how thankful I am to have had a photographer at my second born's birth and to have gotten those precious newborn pictures this go 'round.

This is my first son, Trace. Photo by Sears Portrait Studio (obviously).
This is my son, Trace (4) with me at 38 weeks pregnant. Photo by Brandy McPherson Photography.
My husband and I while I was in active labor with our second. Photo by Shutter Bloom Photography 
Me and my second son, Colsen, at 9 days old. Photo by Brandy McPherson Photography.

     I am in love with my photos and they are worth every penny spent. I have the best photographers and will gladly support their businesses. An ironic fact is that both of my photographers are named Brandy/Brandi. Hah!

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