Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kiinde Breastmilk Storage System Review

     I don't remember how I came across the Kiinde system for the first time, but I thought it was pretty amazing that you could pump breastmilk straight into the storage bags AND THEN feed directly from the bags too. I bought the Kiinde system for about $100 (including shipping) when it was on sale around Black Friday 2014. I started using the Kiinde system in March 2015.
     The first thing I pulled out of the box was the Kiinde Kozii. The Kozii is a bottle warmer that heats and rotates water. You put the bottle in the Kozii, and it safely heats up your bottle. I was exclusively pumping the first week of my newborn son's life due to having terrible latch issues, so I had to refrigerate plenty of breastmilk. Having the Kozii was a lifesaver. It only took a couple of minutes to heat a 2-3oz bottle up. We had a routine going. Baby whines. Put bottle in Kozii. Change diaper. Get warm bottle and feed baby. Kozii = 

     Once my son and I finally established a nice breastfeeding relationship, I started pumping extra milk. When I realized I didn't need the milk I was pumping, I started pouring it into the storage bags to freeze and save. The accuracy of the bags are great, BUT... that is only if you blow air into the bag and look at it while you hold the air in. When the bag isn't full, the accuracy can be off by about one ounce give or take. The bags are nice. I do, however, like how the lansinoh bags take up less space because they can lie flat. The kiinde bags are shaped wide to stand up and take up more space. The lansinoh bags also provide a space to write time, date, name, and volume while Kozii's bags only provide a small awkward corner to write on. Kiinde breastmilk storage bags = 

     When I'm going out, I will pump a fresh bag of breastmilk to take with us so I won't have to nurse in public. I grab the breastmilk, Kozii Squeeze, and Kozii nipple. My son isn't a huge fan of the nipple, but I don't think he's much a fan of any nipple except my nipple. While I was exclusively pumping, we were pace feeding him. This bottle is TERRIBLE for pace feeding. There is no ventilation at all. I suppose they work about the same as the Playtex Drop-ins. So... Kozii Squeeze/bottle = 

     There are plenty of accessories to make the Kozii fairly universal. I use a Medela pump. I've also attached a Medela Calma nipple to the Squeeze with an adapter. It did not leak and the Calma nipple was able to vent, but not the same way it does on a Medela bottle. There is also a breastmilk storage organizer. I feel like it takes up more room than it really saves, so I haven't used it at all.

     Overall, do I recommend the Kiinde Breastmilk Storage System? YES.  
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