Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fine Motor - Rubber Bands

     When I was looking for Trace's first Fine Motor activity on Pinterest, I came across this pin.

     Unfortunately, when Trace and I attempted to do this activity, it was simply too hard for him. Our rubber bands were thick and small. I grabbed smaller can after smaller can and he still couldn't quite get them to stretch over the can.
     Fortunately, I thought, "Beading and threading are fine motor activities. I wonder if I have something small enough for him to just put the rubber bands on." At this point I continued to convince myself this wasn't a waste of time and that this idea was actually beneficial. If nothing else, it'll be fun and keep him off of the ipad for a few minutes. I grabbed the syrup out of the cabinet and showed him how to put the rubber band onto the neck of the bottle.
     He was very proud of himself for getting the first rubber band on there. I shared in the excitement. We were BOTH very proud of him. Once he'd gotten alllllll of the rubber bands on the bottle, I asked him to take them back off and put them back into the box where they belong. Taking the rubber bands back off of the bottle was slightly more challenging for him. It was the perfect amount of difficulty. He completed the task all by himself. Overall, we had a positive outcome. He's practicing his fine motor skills and we're spending quality time together.