Friday, January 9, 2015

Fine Motor - Pom-poms and Cotton Balls

     During my search on Pinterest for Fine Motor activities, I found a pin for a game called, "Claw Grabbing Machine." This game helps those hand muscles in fine motor skills. Children are encouraged to pick up a pom-pom with a clothes pin and drop it into a slender cup or bottle.
     Seeing as my son has been having trouble with his fine motor skills, I decided maybe we should do a shorter and less complicated version of the game. The pom-poms were placed on the table. I showed him how to pinch a clothes pin and picked up a pom-pom with it. Then, I asked him to do the same. When he did, he was very excited. All of these activities are big accomplishments for Trace and he's very proud of what he's able to do. He picked up two matching pom-poms, held them up and said, "These look like Mickey Mouse!"
     Once he'd successfully done this activity, we moved on to another Fine Motor activity. This one is very similar to the Claw Grabbing Machine. Instead of picking up pom-poms with clothes pins, he picked up cotton balls with his hands. Then, he had to stuff the cotton balls down into an empty bottle through the narrow hole. This was somewhat difficult for him, but not so much so that it was too difficult. It was the perfect amount of challenge for him. Some of the cotton balls got stretched out and misshapen, but that's okay! He worked very hard to get the job done. I even loosely screwed the lid on and asked him to finish screwing it on. He tried, but he simply couldn't do that. It was worth a try though. You can see how proud he was once he was done by looking at the picture above.
     He loves doing these activities and has even started asking me do to "class time" with him. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to spend this quality time with him. Thank you, +Justin Lee Mattis, for being a wonderful supportive man and allowing me to stay home with our kids.