Friday, January 16, 2015

Fine Motor - Color Sorting with Fruit Loops

     There are a lot of activities toddlers and pre-schoolers can do with Cheerios, beads, straws, and Fruit Loops, etc... Yesterday, we sorted the colors on colored toothpicks stuck in play-doh. Sometimes he put orange Fruit Loops on the red toothpick, but he got most of them right. I also babysit a two year old who participated in this activity as well. They both did great and really enjoyed eating the leftover Fruit Loops once they were done. 

     Another activity for the day was a pre-writing activity with pom-poms. Trace had to get the pom-poms on the dots to make an "A". Though he may not have done it perfectly, it still looked like a very neat letter, "A". This worksheet was provided by: She has several varieties of useful free printables such as lower-case letters, numbers, worksheets, and more.

 Inspiration for the play-doh color sorting activity provided by: