Monday, January 5, 2015

Combi Coccoro Review

Dear Combi,

     My son is 3.5 years old. I am so fortunate to have found the Coccoro before he was born. I bought this car seat with the money I got from my baby shower. I have always said it was the best purchase for my first child that I made. I have a mental list of my "best purchases" and this is #1! 
     Trace, my 3.5 year old, is my first and only child, so when I first bought this car seat, I had difficulty installing it. I read the directions, but installing car seats was a whole new world to me back then. I do, however, have some things I think you could improve on. The foam padding located under the cover broke very easily and did so every time I had to re-install the car seat. Also, the car seat was slick. Even after installing the car seat as tight as anyone possibly could, the car seat had a tendency to slip out of place. It would recline or slip upward. Now, I didn't have a big issue with this, but if I had more kids that had to crawl into the car and constantly touching the back of the seat, it might have slipped out of place a lot more than I would be comfortable with. I'm also wondering how well three car seats across would fit in a back seat. The fabric snagged very easily on my wedding ring. Unfortunately, my son grew out of this car seat around 2.5 years to 3 years old. He was not too heavy, but he was too tall. 36 inches. The shoulder straps could not adjust any higher and the straps were going below his shoulders. It was so disappointing to have to say goodbye to the car seat we both loved. 
You can see a couple of the material snags in this picture.
     Now, on to the things I love: I love the colors! I bought Keylime. I loved how comfortable my son was in this. When he had the option of choosing which car seat to sit in, he chose this one 9/10. I loved the infant insert! I loved the cushion and how comfortable the seat was. I love how breathable the fabric was. I love how easy it was to clean!...especially since my son often gets carsick.  I love the shoulder pads. I loved the crotch/buckle pad. It wasn't in the way of the buckle like some are on other car seats. I LOVED the buckle! I loved that I could push down to release the buckles. I find the pinch type buckles are far more difficult to unbuckle. I feel that they also invade the child's private area as I am always having to put the back of my hand on the child's crotch to create enough pressure on the button to squeeze/release the buckle so not to hurt the child simply by pushing on the button. You get MAJOR brownie points for the push-down buckle release. I am ALSO loving the way the chest buckle clips. Again, the squeeze/front and back button/latch is FAR more difficult. I love that I can release my child with one hand from the Combi Cocorro. 
The shoulder pads were too long for his little body at this time. To be safe, they need to be scrunched up or removed in this situation.
     Overall, I highly recommend this car seat. I LOVE it and I've done plenty of research with other car seats including the Diono Radian RXT, Clek Foonf, and Britax Marathon Click Tights which I would consider to probably be 2nd, 3rd, and 4th best to the Combi Cocorro. Nothing is perfect. Everything has pros and cons, but Combi Cocorro just puts in the effort and makes it affordable compared to our other amazing options. I have no personal experience with Diono, Clek, or Britax.
Unfortunately, most of these colors have been discontinued.
     No one or company paid me to write this. This is just my honest review of the Combi Coccoro and I want to share it's pros and cons for anyone who is trying to decide on a carseat.

To add: Combi has eliminated several of the colors that were out when I bought my Keylime colored car seat for my son in 2010. I really miss the Carrot Cake colored car seat that I would've loved to have had for my little one that is due in February 2015. Unfortunately, Combi will also be discontinuing the Keylime color, but they will be bringing in Grape and Cinnamon. The biggest difference in these car seats and the ones of the past is that they don't have that cream color on the infant insert or the white stripe that outlines the bucket of the seat. I HATED the cream/white combination of colors.

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