Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We're Adding a Pumpkin To Our Patch

     As soon as I knew I was pregnant, I started looking for creative ways to announce. Announcing the pregnancy in a unique or cute way is all the fad nowadays. I saw plenty of cute and creative ideas, but instead of doing any of the many many cute ones I saw, I asked the announcer at a local adult softball game to say, "Guess who's due with baby number 2?" She then paused and then said, "Congratulations, Justin and Sara Beth!" Not many people heard it, but some had. I had been playing softball with my husband and after sliding instinctively like I promised myself not to, I decided my season needed to be cut short. We announced when I was 10 weeks along. I still waited a few days for the word to get around town by word of mouth before skipping along singing the, "I'm pregnant!" song. My husband couldn't wait. Once we had made our first announcement, he told just about everyone we saw. One day, he walked into a very open office building that about 20 people work in. We know most of them. He said it took almost all he had not to stop at every single desk to deliver the good news. It was super cute! By 11 weeks, I posted an announcement on Facebook. It was a silhouette of me. Words appeared saying, "There are two people in this picture. Due Feb. 2015" By 12 weeks, I think most of our friends and family had heard the news.
     Every week I post a new picture of me and my rounding abdomen on Facebook and/or Instagram. I am also obsessed with creating boards for each part of having a baby on Pinterest.
     Throughout my search for creative birth announcements, I saw SEVERAL pictures of pumpkins. The idea was to have as many pumpkins as there are family members and you get bonus points for having the sizes right. (Dad is biggest, Mom is bigger, Sibling is big, baby is small.) On the top of each pumpkin, each family member's name is written with a permanent marker. The mothers pumpkin is the only one that is hollowed out like a heart or circle jack-o-lantern. The little pumpkin is placed inside the mother pumpkin. This is a CUTE idea!

Of course there are different variations....

 I like to think of all of these pumpkin announcement ideas as somewhat of a riddle. You have to think about it. Of course, you don't have to think very hard, but nonetheless....

     I still have not seen an announcement quite like mine. It is probably not that unique, but I love it. We loved the idea of decorating jack-o-lanterns with the drill as you see all over Pinterest too. 

      We decided to combine the idea of a pregnancy announcement and drilling holes into our pumpkins. We used the last two digits of each family members' birth year. This made it a little harder for people to catch on. Our holes were a little too small and my husband cut the initial hole at the top of the "newest" pumpkin to gut it way too small. He decided to "fix it" by making the hole bigger. I warned him not to do that, but I'm never right, and he always is, so .... he learned... We had to fix it with orange construction paper as best as we could. Do not worry. We did not use real candles or tea light candles. We used the dollar store battery powered tea lights. Because our drilled holes were too small, the actual numbers were hard to see. I was thankful to have my Canon and know the basics of making a picture brighter, so the finished product looks better through the eyes of a camera. Either way, I am really happy with the result and got to use the picture for my new Facebook timeline cover.
     It was an experience for my family and memories were created. We've learned from our mistakes, and hope to do the pumpkin carvings every year.

I know.... I focused on the wall. Sorry it's blurry. I couldn't see them to focus on them through the camera so this was the best I got and I was tired. We still love it!