Saturday, October 4, 2014

Date Night!

     Today, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned my house. I barely touched the computer (which is why I always get distracted from cleaning). I did about 4 loads of laundry completely... Washed, Dried, Hung/Folded, and put away. I even went through and donated some clothes. I went to the place the clothes were donated, to the bank, and came back home to get more done. I had a meeting for work almost immediately after my husband got off work, so I attended the meeting. My mother happens to manage the place I work at, so when my husband came to pick me up after our meeting, my son saw his "Gammy". My husband had planned to take our son on a father-son date tomorrow to see Dolphin Tale, but my mother offered to take him tonight. I thought it would be a nice opportunity for Justin and I to be productive OR go on a date. As soon as I got into the car my husband told me he found out that I'm not the only person due at the end of February in my town. I thought I was the only one due in February 2015 that I knew personally, so this was pretty exciting. We are both 20 weeks and I'm JUST finding out this girl I've seen several times is not only pregnant, but 20 weeks and practically shares my due date!! I had to see her immediately. We drove by her work. I greeted her, trying not to seem overly excited, and congratulated her. As we were leaving, I saw the cow tales. mmmm, the gooey goodness of the sweet chewy cow tales. How could I resist? ONLY 88 cents for four of them too! As we were leaving and I had already eaten all four of the cow tales, I asked my husband if he was hungry. I'd probably consumed enough calories for a meal, but it just wasn't quite enough and I was still plenty hungry so we went to a restaurant and ate dinner where I saw another one of my pregnant friends. This time, I think she was as excited to see me as I was her. We went to the restaurant where she works. Everyone was kind of taking a break because the place was dead. My hubs and I were the only ones there when we came in except one other couple that had been there for a while. She and I talked and chatted forever about whether we thought our kid(s) were boy(s) or girl(s) and about the wives tales. I think she's going to have a girl, but she gave me the nicest compliment. She admired the way I dress my 3 (almost 4) year old son in bow ties and suspenders. Most of the folks around us with boys don't seem to care about fashion or are so country, they're always in overalls, camo, and cowboy outfits. She and I are just not that type. I thought it was so sweet of her and I did admit to my disappointment on the availability (or lack of) boys' fashionable clothing. We both agree that the girls tutus and ruffles and bows are way cuter than camo, overalls, and dinosaur graphics. After chatting for a while, the place started to get a bit busy, so she had to get busy. I looked over at my husband and his plate was 99% clean and mine, well, I think I had had two bites during my chat. Soon after I started eating my meal, my husband decided to get some desert. He got a brownie melt. You know... those things with the brownie, hot fudge, ice cream, and whip cream? The delicious goodness. :P Later, my friend came back to admit having had a spoonful (or maybe a little more) of the hot fudge. Oh my goodness. That sounds heavenly to me too. Anyway, my husband kept getting some of his desert on his mustache. It was so cute. I told him I had "sweet kisses" waiting for me. haha.
     There is really so much more I don't want to forget about this day, but it's bedtime, and I'm exhausted. I know this was written sloppy, but it's worth it because my blog is like my diary.
     Thanks, Gammy, for taking T to the movie. We made memories.